True Peak Scanner

Component for foobar2000 v1.5 and newer.

Released:2024-06-10 06:20
Size:422.9 KB
License:Modified ISC license




ITU-R BS.1770-5 compliant True Peak scanner. Can report and store to tags number of clipped samples and the position of highest peak inside scanned tracks.

Additional info


0.6.14 (2024-06-10):Fixed writing of blank clip statistics tags when clip info wasn't requested.
0.6.13 (2024-06-07):Fixed AES +3 dB RMS mode giving nonsensical results.
0.6.12 (2024-05-31):Added RMS support.
0.6.11 (2024-05-28):Fixed a division by zero crash when trying to scan a track without any content.
0.6.10 (2024-05-22):Changed PLR values to use two decimals and changed the unit from dB to LU.
0.6.9 (2024-05-22):Fixed LUFS-M and LUFS-S computations always being performed even if the option was disabled. Added optional PLR tagging support.
0.6.8 (2024-05-19):Added optional momentary loudness (LUFS-M) and short-term loudness (LUFS-S) scanning support. Added optional LUFS-I tag writing. Fixed power-of-two upsampling ratio usage with SoX. Fixed non-measured zero clip sample counts getting accidentally saved to tags.
0.6.7 (2024-05-16):Added optional silent mode where tagging happens without confirmation. Reorganized configuration options to make them hopefully more clear.
0.6.6 (2024-05-15):Added abort checks so scanning can be aborted even if input component doesn't handle abort signal. Added ability to remove ReplayGain tags, if RG scanning is in use and standard tag names are used for storing the results.
0.6.5 (2024-05-12):Fixes to DR scanner with quiet and short signals.
0.6.4a (2024-05-12):Fixed result dialog crashing if DR mode was enabled but LRA was not.
0.6.4 (2024-05-11):Made result dialog remember its size and position. Improved context menu labels. Moved context menu to its own sub group. Fixed the DR meter not taking the last partial RMS block into account in measurements.
0.6.3 (2024-05-11):Added optional support for measuring Dynamic Range (DR) as defined by
0.6.2 (2024-04-07):Made minimum sample rate required for True Peak scanning configurable higher than the recommended 192 kHz. Removed configuration from LRA tag field names and changed them to use proposed ReplayGain 2.0 names. Changed status dialog formatting to use real unicode minus sign so letters align more nicely. Added better status printing to result dialog in case of issues. Changed the component to automatically pick resampler with preferred order. If SoX is found, power of two oversampling ratio will be used because SoX works fastest with that.
0.6.1 (2024-04-04):Added optional support for Loudness Range (LRA) scanning. Changed result dialog to align some colums to right for easier reading.
0.6 (2024-03-31):Added optional support to scan ReplayGain values while scanning peaks. Restructured configuration preferences. Added customization option for all written tag fields. Added context menu command to remove True Peak metadata from files. Added full track path as a hidden column to the result dialog.
0.5.2 (2024-03-30):Added support for showing and storing information about total clipped samples per album. Added button to copy the results to clipboard. Changed clip counters from 32-bit unsigned integers to 64-bit unsigned integers to prevent them from wrapping over. Added error status reporting to result dialog for tracks that failed to be scanned. The component will report on console the target upsampling rate. Fixed the component name not to have a dash.
0.5.1 (2024-03-23):Added option to save peak timestamp and clipped sample count per track to tags. Enabled the dialog to be resized smaller than the initial size.
0.5.1 (2024-03-12):Added support for dark mode and 64-bit foobar2000.
0.1 (2014-09-14):Initial version.