Stop on Current

Component for foobar2000 v1.5 and newer.

foobar2000 v1.4 version available here.

foobar2000 v1.1 version available here.

Released:2023-03-16 12:05
Size:45.0 KB
License:Modified ISC license




Stops playback at the end of currently playing track.

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0.6.3 (2023-03-16):Recompile with latest SDK and foobar2000 v1.5 compatibility.
0.6.2 (2022-09-05):Added foobar2000 v2.0 64-bit support
0.6.1 (2018-01-06):No changes in functionality. Dynamic C runtime version for foobar2000 v1.4
0.6 (2016-08-22):Removed leftover debug code, fixed Stop after current state resetting
0.5 (2016-08-21):Fixed bugs
0.4 (2009-06-18):Fix for failure to stop with very short tracks
0.3 (2009-06-17):Changed stop to utilize Core's 'Stop After Current' + playback queue
0.2 (2009-06-10):Changed stopping to work based on timer. One second accuracy only
0.1 (2009-06-08):First version