ReplayGain DSP

Component for foobar2000 v1.4 alpha and newer.

Released:2020-09-23 18:56
Size:32.4 KB
License:Modified ISC license




´╗┐Alternative ReplayGain implementation with support for smarter automatic mode selection. Automatic mode selection doesn't rely solely on the active playback mode but also analyses the playlist contents. If the source track doesn't have ReplayGain data the component tries to scan the loudness during buffering. Includes optional custom compressor as one method to prevent clipping.

The component does not include ReplayGain scanner. The original ReplayGain scanner component is required for regular ReplayGain scanning and for the automatic loudness estimation to work.
Config overview Processing modes Loudness selection Peak handling


0.2.5 (2020-09-23):Changed decoder initialization flags to allow inaccurate seeking to improve subsong scanning speed
0.2.4 (2019-08-03):Added option to disable automatic replaygain scanning of streams
0.2.3 (2019-07-26):Compression use check had incorrect logic and the feature was off when it was supposed to be on, and vice versa
0.2.2 (2019-01-08):Only calls ReplayGain scanner on valid audio chunks to prevent lock-ups
0.2.1 (2018-11-14):Uses previous scale if RG data is missing and can't be scanned
0.2 (2018-10-27):Altered compression routine. Made the component attempt to scan gain values from unreplaygained tracks.
0.1 (2018-10-24):Initial version